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Academician Professor Cristiano Tiozzo is an internationally renown Holistic Practitioner, Pianist, Music Director & Scientist, expert of Integrative Healing & Musical Arts.

In recognition of the efficacy and scientific importance of his unique & innovative therapeutic work and musical career, in 2018 professor Tiozzo has been awarded the following rare and prestigious titles:

Academician and ordinary member of the Leibniz European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany)

Professor in Musical Arts from Moscow’s International University of Business Technologies, Institute of Medical Science, Public Health, Economics and Education.

This titles have been awarded thanks to his international career as a musician and to the unequivocal observations and scientific measures of immunologist Prof. Acad. Dr. Med. Gorodinsky, extraordinary doctor and foremost expert of the progressive forefront of today’s medicine.

As a musician, professor Tiozzo has performed as a classical interpreter, improviser and musical director in prestigious venues such as the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Carnegie Hall in New York, Moscow’s Tchaikovsky Museum, the E. Brito Theater in Santo Domingo and Komitas Hall in Yerevan, among many others.

Cristiano’s unique healing work has revealed to be of extraordinary help to many in situations of apparently incurable illness, of physical, emotional, mental, social or spiritual trauma and dysfunction, and in the path of individual realization.

Presentation of Cristiano’s work

Healing Meditation


All forms of apparently unsolvable difficulties in our life invite us to let go of specific aspects of our resistance to Love’s Grace.  Many have reported how listening to Cristiano’s music and participating in his work has helped them in letting go and opening to better futures for themselves and their loved ones.

Through the infinite Grace of Love, some have reported immediate healing from conditions that could not be cured in other ways. In some cases their doctors contacted Cristiano out of surprise in witnessing changes and resolutions that they considered improbable if not impossible.

Some have found their vocation in life, a deep reason to live for, or they have learned to see themselves, others and life with more love and less judgement. Others have learned how to face illness and difficulties with love and with method, so as to make the most out of these experiences and come out of them more quickly and less traumatically.

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If you wish to know if Professor Tiozzo’s work can effectively assist you in your healing or personal journey, please write a short summary via email to

If you wish to know how and if Professor Tiozzo’s work can effectively assist you in your healing journey,

please write a short summary via email or Whatsapp to: